Printing Process

Printing Process

We conduct research and development to match our processes and technologies with the requirements of the customer.

Research and development

  • Knowing the properties and characteristics of the substrate and ink to be used
  • Optimizing the printing process for the specific application and substrate
  • If necessary, develop and test new inks and coatings
  • Testing the printed product to ensure that it meets the desired specifications, such as color accuracy and consistency, print resolution, and ink adhesion

Once the Research and Development is finalized, we seek validation from our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Customer validation 

  • Gathering feedback from customers on print samples
  • Identifying and resolving any issues or concerns raised by the customer
  • Making any necessary changes to the printing process in response to customer feedback
  • Checking the printed product for final quality control
  • Ensuring that the printed product meets the specifications and expectations of the customer
  • Obtaining final customer approval before proceeding with industrialization

It is important to note that these two steps are iterative, and changes to the process can be made as needed until the final product meets the needs and expectations of the customer.

Step 3: Industrialisation

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