DIGI-Compact HC

DIGI-Compact HC

The DIGI-Compact HC can handle two carriers at the same time and is equipped with a linear stage transport system to transfer products into the printer and return to the starting position after the process is completed. With the loading and unloading of the products in the same area, it is easy to fully automate the process by adding an industrial robotic arm to the process.

The DIG-Compact HC handles up to 6 different colors.

The DIGI-Compact HC operates ‘stand-alone’ which means that, besides the supply of necessary media, no further equipment is needed, and everything is integrated within the DIGI-Compact HC. The printer can be put in line or offline.

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Technical Specifications DIGI-Compact HC

(*) depending on print speed and lay-out

(**) excl. transport belt

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