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The DIGI-7 printer is the most extensive version in the DIGI-series. As in all DIGI printers the product jig that holds the products is mounted on top of a special carrier. The carrier is pulled forward through the printer with a constant speed and consistency that lead to high precision prints.

The DIGI-7 can handle multiple carriers. The carriers are transported on an industrial standard conveying system, equipped with stopping positions for unloading printed products and loading unprinted products onto the jigs. Loading and unloading can either be done manually by operators or fully automated by customized pick and place units or standard industrial robots. The DIGI-7 can handle 8 carriers in a singletrack solution and up to 14 carriers in a double track solution.

The DIGI-7 operates ‘stand-alone’ which means that, besides the supply of necessary media, no further equipment is needed, and everything is integrated within the DIGI-7. The printer can be put inline or offline.

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