Aarts Packaging

Why go for Bergstein? Find out by reading through one of our customer’s review. We have collected a few experiences with Bergstein of our customers, for you. Please read of them below by Aarts Packaging.

There was no need to find Bergstein because we already have a long history together, especially with Peter. In the past we did a lot with pad printing and we were always well supported by Bergstein. Therefor it was a normal step to start with digital printing and buy a printer from Bergstein.

The process flow from idea to delivery of the printer was well organized by Bergstein. Lots of samplings were done to see what we can expect and to show us all possibilities of the printer. Also the automation around the printer has been done by Bergstein and runs smoothly.

We are very satisfied with the performance of the printer. We use it to print on our caps and compacts. The service department is always there if needed and they did help us a lot at the start of the projects and with the education.

Ruud van den Elshout – Aarts Packaging, 2023