Spring-Fill Gloves

“We were first recommended to Bergstein through a colleague in the U.S. who was well versed in the digital printing industry.  Bergstein was highly recommended as an expert in the field.  The Bergstein Team welcomed our inquiry and we began discussing the challenge that we were trying to solve.   
The Bergstein Team was extremely professional.  They clearly outlined the process and expected timeline.  Our project was not a “cookie cutter” solution.  Bergstein’s engineering Team needed to develop a system for handling and moving a very difficult product.  We had approached other US Engineering firms with our idea, and none wanted to take on the project due to the difficulty and uncertainty of finding a solution.  We worked closely with the Bergstein Team and unlike other firms we spoke to, they embraced the challenge of our project. 
Bergstein delivered a timely solution to our new product concept.  This was all done during the time of the Global Covid-19 pandemic, where travel was severely restricted. We were unable to travel to the Netherlands to view the Machinery Build.  All discussions were done via Video Conferencing and Phone Calls.  Bergstein Team did a great job keeping us “in the loop” on engineering decisions and progress.  Again, our equipment is the first in the world to accomplish a difficult task.   The equipment was designed, built, delivered and installed in a timely fashion.  This was all accomplished while the world was basically shut down.  The early months of operations, after installation, required some tweaking and the Bergstein Team was extremely responsive.  They made sure our machinery was up and running. 
Our Team feels that Bergstein is at the forefront of digital printing.  Being a US Company, we feel that Europe is far ahead in developing the next generation of printing technology.  From our experience, digital printing is the future.  From easy and quick job changeovers to precise ink utilization and high speeds, all companies should investigate a digital solution. We would highly recommend Bergstein to anyone to assist in finding a digital printing solution.”

Dave Klein – Spring Fill, 2022