Advantages DIGI series

Digital Printing Technology

  • Personalization of products
  • Printing on demand
  • Short setup times
  • High production speed
  • Constant print quality
  • Contactless printing
  • Inline and offline usable
  • Fast to market

Integrated High-End Transport System

  • Speed variation between different print steps
  • Precise and constant print process
  • Product size of carriers: 800×300 mm (DIGI-5/-7) and 600×200 (DIGI-Compact/-Compact HC)
  • Shuttles with cable track for extra electricity, air or vacuum on each carrier, usable for jig adjustments
  • Possibility to build complex, multifunctional customer-specific jigs on carrier
  • Optional: stop and go, forward and backward, different speed of carriers during print process

Modular Cassette System

  • Easy adapting a customized print process
  • Capable of changing or expanding functionality
  • Capable of integrating future technology
  • Little downtime during breakdown
  • Shorter lead time in production
  • Machine rest value higher

Human Machine Interface

  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to understand
  • Role-based access control
  • Remote access for remote support
  • Multi languages

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