The Bergstein DIGI-Series printers are high-speed single-pass industrial inkjet printers, designed to print directly on shape or product and on a huge variety of materials such as nitrile, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metal, with a print speed up to 25 meters per minute.

The DIGI-Series printers are fully customizable, each print job and product are unique, but the DIGI printer can easily adapt to meet your specific needs and requirements for a complete printing solution. The Bergstein DIGI printers have integrated pre-treatment, priming, printing and curing. All of those steps are accomplished in a single pass.

Customized formula

Bergstein Digital creates a customized formula for the necessary modules. This formula includes the setup for pre-treatment, CMYKWW colors and post-treatment, which serves as the foundation of your print job. This results in an optimal printing solution with a high production rate. Selecting the appropriate pre-treatment method and utilizing various types of inks is necessary for ensuring proper adhesion.

Bergstein Digital also offers a range of printable primers and coating options for optimal results, completing the complete customized print process.

Your modular print solution

This DIGI printers are suitable for both small and large product series. Thanks to the modular construction, the solution can be fully adapted to your wishes and requirements, just like all of the DIGI-Series printers.

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